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8" Construction Small Pick-Up Kit

Your Price: $69.50
Part Number: SIGN19122
8" Construction Small Pick Up Kit
QuantityPart NumberDescription
2SIGN139163 Lines Door Lettering-BLACK Vinyl
1SIGN19124Tailgate - Construction stripe-logo-name
1SIGN19125Construction Tailgate Stripe
1SIGN19126Construction 8" R Fender
1SIGN191278" Construction L Fender
1SIGN19128Construction 8" - R- Gray Stripe - Fender - Cab
1SIGN19129Construction 8" Gray Stripe - Fender - Cab
1SIGN191308" Construction R. Stripe-Logo-Name
1SIGN191318" Construction L Stripe-Logo-Name
1SIGN97867PA-1 Blue Applicator Squeege for kit

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